Our Canvas

I followed the voice of Robert Frost’s ghost into the kitchen where he was reciting The Mountain, but Darrell stood on the other side. The screen door ajar, he was wrapped in the soft glow of early morning, a glint in his eye revealing that his sleepless soul had been stirred. “We can’t in nature grow to many more: That thing takes all the room!” echoed Frost as Darrell met my gaze and thoughtfully chewed on a handful of oats. “The mountain stood there to be pointed at.”

Our Canvas

In silence, I read your mouth,

words trapped inside an infinity

that anchors

our heavy doves.


In silence, you breathe me in deep,

piercing my fire gilt armor

to fill your lungs with my earthly scent,

holding us in.


In silence, our winter lips taste,

soft and slow, swallowing our sensibilities

until we fold into one another to

make time stand still.


In silence, we feel the galaxies

draw close our weathered souls

who seek out their resting place, on

your rock and mine.


In silence, the darkness is our stage

that sets alight our brilliant

rainbows, each the

other’s prism.



About Dee Walker

I am an international attorney who believes in the power of story to inspire a better world. Join my 100 day journey around the globe!
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