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Victor’s Justice

Death was everywhere, and so it was nowhere. Foreigners gawked with unseeing eyes. But the locals had refined the skill of peering through it, a strange sense of nationalism coalescing at a focal point just beyond. Death was deemed unworthy of discussion, … Continue reading

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Whilst we chant

Whilst we chant floating above blood, above bones, they sic hot breath from shadows of pane-less windows Crouching beneath your helmet’s mask— fear offers darkness and darkness its reflecting-glass Take heart soldier, take it deep— where the sun rises, cherry … Continue reading

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The New Slavery, and its Economics

In Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy, Kevin Bales uses economics to explain a human rights crisis faced by many of the countries that I will be traveling through this Fall.  Disposable People is powerfully informative (it inspired my friend … Continue reading

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