And thank you for stopping by.

This virtual site serves as a sanctuary to keep my soul accountable.  If nothing else, it will be raw.  And it will be true.  If you find yourself stirred in any way, I welcome you to leave a comment that is also raw and also true.

I am an international attorney who cherishes the power of story to inform perspective and compel action.  Roots of Reverence reflects my belief that we must not only inspire to act, but also act to inspire.  By doing so, together we rise up and create that humble magic which inspires a world greater than the sum of its parts.

In this spirit, I invite you to join me as I trek Around the World in 100 Days!  Each region features a post or two on my trekking experience and the human connections I make along the way. Where words fail me, photographs attempt to fill in the blanks.

With love,


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